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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting Started

How will this site help me?

This site was created and designed exclusively for students in Mr. Temme's science classes.  The site can play a key role in helping students and parents keep track of whats going on in school. From class documents to an assignment calendar this site will extend the classroom to the world and bring the world into our classroom.  Study guides, online textbooks, and other course resources are available here.  Links to outside services are also here.  For example, we use the Google Classroom to recieve assignments, announcements and participate in discussions.  The G-classroom is also used to "TURN IN" work and ask questions. Be sure to get the Google Classroom APP!  Please explore the features of this site with the navigation menu on the top.  Be sure to view the due dates module.  All students should be familiar with all of the content of this site.  

•  FDU Middle College Credit is available for the Geoscience and Astronomy Courses.  Visit the FDU Middle College website here.

•  I am a Google Apps for Education teacher.  See the start page here.

•  We use explorelearning.com to complete online simulations and experiments we call GIZMOS.  Students complete an exploration guide as well as respond to formative assesment questions.

•  Use the main menu above for each course's "Links" page where you will find chapter related links for research, labs, homework, videos and more. 

•  Need help?  e-mail Mr. Temme

Important Links

Below are links that are relevant to your class.

Google Classroom

Explorelearning.com (Gizmos)

School Google Apps Start Page




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