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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Astronomy Syllabus

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Course Description:

This course is open to all 11th and 12th grade students. This course is an introduction to the basic principles of the science of astronomy.   This course investigates the measure of time and motion as discovered by early and modern observers of the sky and the identification and charting of stars and constellations. Methods of observation and interpretation of the sky, the sun’s family of planets and other bodies will be studied. A greater understanding will be sought about our planet as a unique, but not unusual, member of our universe. Theories of modern cosmology and the latest efforts in space exploration will be studied. The district planetarium will be used as a lab resource.


Prerequisite: Successful completion of 9th and 10th grade science.  Next year’s placement is based on pre-requisites.  Please see your guidance counselor for more information.


Course Materials:

Required text:  Astronomy – A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe (CD)

3 ring binder style notebook w/ loose-leaf paper

2 folders for binder

Pen AND Pencil everyday


Course Policies:

Preparation - It is required that all students be prepared for class every day.  Class preparation will be considered a part of a students overall grade.  Students should come to class ready to learn and bring a pen AND pencil, notebook and textbook to class everyday unless otherwise notified.  Upon entering the room students should prepare for learning by taking their seat and reviewing notes, studying, organizing assignments, taking out homework or otherwise preparing for the day.  Often, review questions will be asked verbally or a pop quiz may be given at the beginning of class so it is in your best interest to be prepared.


Attendance – All students must come to class on time.  Students not in their seat by the time the tone sounds will be recorded as tardy to class.  Students who are absent from class are responsible for making up missed notes and getting course materials. If an assignment is due on a day a student is absent they must submit it the day they return to school.  Students who are absent for a test or quiz have 5 days to make up the missed assessment after returning to school otherwise a zero will recorded for that assessment. It is strongly advised that absent students make an appointment after school the day they return to school to discuss the proper course of action.


Assessment – Your grade will be determined based upon the accumulation of points from tests, quizzes, and assignments such as projects, reports, class work, homework, and participation.  The average will be calculated based on a total points earned divided by the total points offered.  Assignments must be completed and submitted on time. The penalty for submitting an assignment late will be –10% for each day it is late up to 5 days. After 2 weeks (10 days) a grade of zero will be given for the assignment.   Homework will not be accepted late.   There will be 1 additional credit opportunity per marking period for a 2% addition to the final M.P. grade.  Take advantage!  Final grade is determined based upon the policies listed in your student planner


Course Procedures – Students must raise their hand in order to speak and must be respectful toward others.  Calling out shows you are energetic and enthusiastic but is not considerate of others and should be avoided. Students who are in need of extra help or who have questions should come in after school.  Please seek help before the “last minute” so that time can be allowed to master the topic.  Hours for extra help are Tuesday through Thursday during period 9 (2:35-3:05PM).  Please make an appointment with Mr. Temme if you want to come after school.


All students must have a 3 ring binder style notebook which will serve as a portfolio to hold all handouts, class work, homework, lab reports and notes that relate to science class.  This notebook must be brought to class everyday.  This document must be the first page of your notebook.  Notebooks will be assessed each marking period.

Proper behavior is expected at all times.  Please refer to the FLHS handbook.  Misbehavior will be corrected with a friendly warning.  Further misbehavior will require further disciplinary action.  Detentions are assigned the day of infraction and are not negotiable. Safety in the laboratory/planetarium is expected.  Students persisting in unsafe behavior will be removed from the lab, receive disciplinary action and a zero for that activity. Thank you in advance for being well behaved!

Astro Course Resources

Astronomy Online Textbook -
Beginners Guide to the Universe 4th Edition 

Chapter Summary / Overview:  Get the 2 page summary for chapters in the Astronmy book.
Chapter Summaries (Must be logged into @fairlawnschools.org)

Review & Discussion Questions  Study Guide Questions for test bonus points (must be logged into @fairlawnsds.org)

Concept Review Quizzes by chapter

Goto the shared folder on google drive

Mid Term / Final Exam

Mid Term Study Guide / Oultline (must be logged into @fairlawnsds.org)

Final Exam Concept Review


Planet Project

Final Project

Important Links

Below are links that are relevant to your class.

Google Classroom

Explorelearning.com (Gizmos)

School Google Apps Start Page




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