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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Astro Lesson Links




Google Earth

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Student Survey

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Graph Paper Downloadpdf button 

Super Awesome Astronomy Lab Website


Intro Chapter (e.1)

Quizlet - Chapter 0 - Charting the Heavens

The Scale of the Universe

What is a light year?

Celestial Sphere

Angular Measure

Stellar Parallax Interactive

Stellar Parallax Video Lessons from the Kahn Academy

The Universe - The moon (video)

The Universe - The Moon (Questions)

If We had no Moon (video)

Kahoot Chapter Review


Chapter 1

Quizlet - Chapter 1 The Copernican Revolution

Chapter Concept Overview from the Sally Ride EarthKam project(very useful)

Atronomy Animations 101 (good for chapter 1)

Newtons Laws of Motion

Newton's Dark Secrets  |video | Question Sheet


Chapter 2

Quizlet - Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Mission: Science - Tour of the EM Spectrum Website  |   EM Spectrum Question Sheet
Tour of the EM Spectrum (youtube video) |  Tour of the EM Spectrum (not youtube!)
EM Spectrum Booklet

Spectroscopy from the BBC

 Intro to Sectroscopy (1)

 Intro to Spectroscopy (2)

 Intro to Spectroscopy (3)

Gizmo - Doppler Shift

Doppler Shift - Youtube


Chapter 2 Study Questions


Chapter 3 - Telescopes


Quizlet - Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Tutorial - Optics of a Simple Lens

Micro-Observatory - Online Telescope

Telescope Comprehension Questions Packet

Study Guide Questions online quiz - Chapter 3

Study Guide Questions Online Quiz - Chapter 3 (direct link)

400 years of the Telescope (video)  |  400 Years of the Telescope (Movie Sheet)


Chapter 4 - Solar System

 Quizlet - Chapter 4 Solar System

The Bith of the Solar System (albedo fulldome)

Chapter 4 Study Quiz (take quiz and e-mail results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Seeing Planets Like Never Before (AMNH Science Bulletins)

Asteroids, Comets, & Meteors Venn Diagram

Solar System Data Sheet -Assignment -  Fill in 2 asteroids, 2 comets, 2 Kuiper Objects, & 2 your choice


Chapter 5

Quizlet - Earth and its Moon

The Universe: The Moon Video   |  The Universe: The Moon Question sheet

Google Moon - Worksheet

Tides Gizmo Exploration Guide for google docs | Explorelearning.com

Greenhouse Effect Exploration Guide for google docs

Plate Tectonics Gizmo Ex Guide for google docs

Chapter 9 - The Sun

Quizlet - Chapter 9  - The Sun

NASA - Stereo Mission Site

Spaceweather.com (tracking sunspots and solar wind)

Sunspot Observation Lab w/ questions

Nova:  Secrets of the Sun (Video)

Nova:  Secrets of the Sun (questions)

Gizmo - Magnetism Exploration Guide (google Doc)


Chapter 10,11,12 - STARS

Inverse Square lawn Explained

HR-Diagram Exploration Guide (Google Doc)

Project: Life Cycle of Stars

The Universe: Supernovae (video)

The Universe: Supernovae Questions Sheet

The life and Death of a Star - The Universe (video)

The life and Death of a Star - The universe (Questions)

Star Flexbook: Read first section on Stars

Project - Close Star Research Project Sheet

Chapter 10 Quiz (Student Created)



Alien Galaxies - The Universe (to History Channel)

Alien Galaxies - The Universe (google file)  |  Question Sheet (google doc)


Final Project  

Impact Earth - Planetarium Show

Students should watch the show and create a question guide that could be used with 7th grade students.  All students can take notes on the movie and then as a class create one  google doc with 20 questions that match th emovie.




Astro Course Resources

Astronomy Online Textbook -
Beginners Guide to the Universe 4th Edition 

Chapter Summary / Overview:  Get the 2 page summary for chapters in the Astronmy book.
Chapter Summaries (Must be logged into @fairlawnschools.org)

Review & Discussion Questions  Study Guide Questions for test bonus points (must be logged into @fairlawnsds.org)

Concept Review Quizzes by chapter

Goto the shared folder on google drive

Mid Term / Final Exam

Mid Term Study Guide / Oultline (must be logged into @fairlawnsds.org)

Final Exam Concept Review


Planet Project

Final Project

Important Links

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Google Classroom

Explorelearning.com (Gizmos)

School Google Apps Start Page




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