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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Extra Credit!

What can I do to improve my Understanding and my Grade?


Each marking period students may opt to complete an additional assignment in an effort to improve their current grade.  Students can earn up to an additional 3% on the final marking period grade by completing an extra credit assignment.  Students must sign up with Mr. T to complete an extra credit no later than 2 weeks prior to the end of a marking period.  The assignment is then due one week prior to the end of the marking period.  Students may only complete an assignment type once, and must choose a different assignment for each additional marking period.  Most students find that it is a good idea to complete the assignment in the middle of the marking period when they have appropriate time to complete it. They then use the additional 3% as a buffer for the final marking period grade.  Each assignment has a rubric and directions sheet that can be found below.  Print and attach this sheet to your work as the first page so feedback can be given to you.  Each project must achive the highest score on the rubric and follow all directions in order to count.  Comics may be done in conjunction with the 3% extra credits each marking period.


Title Credit
Presentation of a Science Lesson 3%
Web Page Tutorial 3%
Science Current Events 1% each up to 3
Mineral Research 3%
Rock Research 3%
Concept Mapping 3%
Comics - Laugh your way to an A 1 pt. per comic up to 5 per M.P.

in addition to the 3% items

Textbook Podcast (Geo or Astro only) 3%
Topics on Video (TBD) See Mr. T 3%

Important Links

Below are links that are relevant to your class.

Google Classroom

Explorelearning.com (Gizmos)

School Google Apps Start Page




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