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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Geo Lesson Links


 Of Great Interest |  Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 11 |
Chapter 12 | Chapter 15Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 |
Chapter 19 | Chapter 28 | Chapter 29 | Chapter 30

Final Project

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Student Survey

Science Safety Quiz

Test your Multiple Intelligence - How do you learn best?

Brainstorming with Bubbl.us (try it!)

About Google Docs (The concept)

Learn More About GOOGLE DOCS!

Graph Paper Downloadpdf button

QUIZLET - Join Geoscience Class

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Lifelong Science

Earth Spheres Tutorial Assignment

Inspiration.com - Free trial Link

Create a Graph - Graph Maker

Making Graphs and Interpreting Data

Calculating with Scientific Notation Packet

">% error calculation video

Chapter 2 - Mapping

Get Google Earth Free

Quiz Section 2.1 online

Quiz Section 2.2 online

Map Tutorial Assignment

Topo Mapping 101 - Great Tutorial!

Take Pictures from the ISS  EarthKam

Topographic Profiles Examples (movies)

Chapter 3 - Matter

Learn the Periodic Table - Online Tutorial

Chapter 4 - Minerals

"BIG" Mineral Identification Chart - use with mineral ID labs

Online Quiz - Section 4.1 - What is a mineral?

Online Quiz - Section 4.2 Identifying Minerals

Chapter 5 - Igneous Rocks

Igneous Rocks Animation: with textures and compositions

Modern Marvels - Diamonds(video)  | Modern Marvels Diamonds (worksheet)

Chapter 6 - Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks

Weathering Animation: physical and chemical mechanisms explained and illustrated

Mass Movement Animation: covering mechanisms and an interactive landslide game

Chemical Weathering Lab

Physical Weathering Lab

Rock Density Lab

Modern Marvels - Rocks video | Question Sheet

Rock Cycle Interactive

How the Earth Was Made:  THE ROCKIES on teachertube.com - Question Sheet

6.1 Quiz -Sedimentary Rocks -  Take Quiz - Submit results via e-mail to Mr. Temme

6.3 Quiz - Metamorphic Rocks - Take Quiz - Submit results via e-mail to Mr. Temme

Rock Collecting at Home - (Thanks to Kelly Donner!)


Chapter - 11 The Atmosphere

Chapter 11 QUIZLET vocabulary

11.1 Quiz online

11.2 Quiz online

11.3 Quiz online

Energy Budget Reading Comp Quiz

Modern Marvels - Under Pressure Video  (must be logged into @fairlawnsds.org)

Modern Marvels - Under Pressure Question Sheet

Weather Front Animation / Demo

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 QUIZLET vocabulary

Self Check Quizzes Section 1-4 (select the appropriate quiz)

Air masses and fronts (weather channel 1997)

Atmospheric Circulation

Global Precipitation Satelite Timelapse

Jet Stream

Pressure Systems

Weather Fronts Demo/aniamtion

Modern Marvels - Weather Predictions

Weather Symbols - NWS ONline School for Weather

Gizmo - Weather Maps Exploration Guide (google doc)


Chapter 15 - Oceans

CHapter 15 QUIZLET vocabulary

Chapter - 17 Plate Tectonics

Chapter 17 QUIZLET vocabulary

Ice Age 4: Continental Crack up (funny video)

3.3 Billion years of Continental Drift (video animation)

Earth 100  Million years from now (video animation)

How the Earth Was Made  (video)

How the Earth Was Made Question Sheet

Online Quiz 17.1

Online Quiz 17.2

Plate Tectonics Gizmo Exploration Guide (for google docs!)

Online Quiz 17.3 (take this one!)

Chapter 17 Online Test

Chapter - 18 Volcanoes

Chapter 18 QUIZLET vocabulary

General PBL (Problem Based Lesson) Steps

Volcano PBL Packet (Beshlian)

Volcano PBL Online Module

Presentation Guidelines

Peer Evaluation Criteria

Free Google Earth Software 

Bubbl.us - Brainstorming and concept mapping tool

How the Earth Was Made Hawaii (video)

How the Earth Was Made (questions)

Section 18.1 Quiz

Chapter 18 Assesment

Chapter 19 - Earthquakes

Chapter 19 QUIZLET vocabulary

Elastic Deformation

Brittle Deformation

 19.1 Quiz (send results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Fault Motion Animations

Virtual Earthquake Lab

">Deadliest Earthquakes - Nova

Earthquake Recording Station Ex Guide (google docs)

Chapter 28 - Earth-Sun-Moon

QUIZLET - Chapter 28 Vocabulary

Frequency Vs. Wavelength (video clip)

The Celestial Sphere

Mission: Science - Tour of the EM Spectrum Website  |   EM Spectrum Question Sheet

Tour of the EM Spectrum (youtube video) |  Tour of the EM Spectrum (not youtube!)

| EM Spectrum Booklet

400 years of the Telescope (video)  |  400 Years of the Telescope (Movie Sheet)

Take Home Quiz 28.1 - Must e-mail results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at end of quiz

Air Pressure - Mr.Temme Productions

Birth of the Moon

Moon Phase Exploration Guide (Google Doc)

Moon Phases (video)

The Universe: The Moon Video   |  The Universe: The Moon Question sheet

Video: If we had no MOON

Question Sheet : If we Had No Moon

Chapter 28 Worksheets (eclipses, phases, tides)



Chapter 29 - Solar System

QUIZLET - Chapter 29 Vocabulary

Quiz 29.1 - e-mail results to Mr. Temme

Newton's Dark Secrets  |video | Question Sheet

The Universe - How the Solar System Was Made | Video | Question sheet |


Chapter 30 - The Sun / Stars

QUIZLET - Chapter 30 Vocabulary

NOVA LABS - Sun Spot Lab

30.1 online Quiz - e-mail results to Mr. T


Final Project

Project Directions and data sheet

Geo Course Resources

(many links require you to be signed into your@fairlawnsds.org {google apps} account)

Textbook Resources

Geology, the Environment, and the Universe

Online Textbook:  Chapter files (Find the chapter file, download, read)

Study Guides for content mastery Download (shared google folder)

Practice tests, Self Check Quizzes, study help, and more! 


Mid Term Exam Study Outline
Final Exam Study Outline (coming soon)

OLD ONLINE TEXTBOOK http://glencoe.com/ose

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Google Classroom

Explorelearning.com (Gizmos)

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