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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Important Documents

Below are documents that directly pertain to Mr. Temme's courses.  These documents will help to clarify assignments or outline opportunities students might have to acheive success. Some are listed as a pdf download, others have hyperlinks to shared google drive documents.

Technology Permission Forms - Mr. Temme utilizes technologies to facilitate 21st Century learning.  Please be sure to complete all permission forms.

Course Syllabii - Go to the Course links from the main menu or click on Geoscience or Environmental Science or Astronomy

The "New"Lab Report Rubric - The guidelines on how to perform, set up, and write up the lab reports to maximize credit.

Guidelines for Submitting Work - (or how to get the most points on your work by paying attention to detail)

Routes to Success in Mr. T's Courses - Find out what you can do to be successful and to improve your grades

Mr. T's Technology Helpsheet - This page gives an overview of important websites and login information.

Netiquette Guidelines - Using all this technology?  Please read this document to review some good practices.

NJ Holistic Writing Rubric -  This statewide rubric details the specific skills required in good writing.

Assignment Record Sheet - This is the page where you keep record of your grades.  Remember that you can also print out your Genesis Grades for your notebook.

Science Safety
Lab Safety Rules
- You must keep this page in your notebook and review the rules each time a lab is performed.


Lab Safety Contract -  You and your parents must sign this document and return to your teacher the first week of school.


Graph Paper Download 

Important Links

Below are links that are relevant to your class.

Google Classroom

Explorelearning.com (Gizmos)

School Google Apps Start Page




Science is Cool!

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